A Note to Foster Children and Fostering Families

Children, take the time to grieve for yourselves. You have lost one of your fundamental rights; the right to a “normal” childhood with a family in which there are no lost moments. Recognize that when you are left, you are leaving something too. You are leaving the people who were biologically engineered to love you more than life itself. You are leaving the opportunity to have sequential pictures of your childhood tucked neatly into the pages of a little photo album. With each new family, you are leaving familiarity and being forced to embrace the unknown. You are leaving your toys, your clothes, your friends. You are carrying all of your earthly belongings in a trash bag and storing your emotions so far within the depths of your self that they may be lost for a while. And this is ok. This is all going to be ok.

Take time to dream about the what ifs and maybes, but just remember it’s easy to get lost in the fantasy. Always come back to reality and take the time to love and know yourself because you are good and you are worth something. Give yourself to someone if you can. Give yourself wholeheartedly because you are wanted.

Families, my note to you is this: a child born to another is calling you dad, brother, grandma. Stop and behold the magnitude of this tragedy and appreciate the depth of that privilege.


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