Most people know a few things about a lot of things. Some people know a lot of things about a few things. There are also people who know nothing about most things. In the end, all people know the most about one thing – themselves.

I have been trying to decide for years how I want to tell the world my story. I don’t think my story is really all that unique, but I do feel that it is at least entertaining, so I have decided that maybe someone would find it a good enough read to “tune in” every week or two to see how things are going.

I guess the most sensible place to start would be the beginning, but I want to tell my story as it unfolded, from my perspective. I’m no Einstein, so this story will have my actual understandings of events as they transpired. I’ll try to pepper in my ever-so-mature and modern day realizations so you don’t come to believe I’ve remained a complete imbecile.

With that, we can start from YEAR ONE.